About Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine has been used along with acupuncture for thousands of years in China.  Most cultures have a tradition of using plants and other natural substances for medicinal purposes, and we are lucky that the Chinese have kept consistent written records of their formula strategies throughout the years.  The providers at Sherwood Acupuncture are trained in herbology that is specific to the herbs of China.  We use granulated formulas and herbal tablets to help our patients get well.  Herbs are prescribed most commonly for digestive issues, menstrual disorders and mental/emotional issues such as anxiety.  We have several formulas that can be used externally to treat muscular soreness or skin conditions as well.

Herb safety is of utmost importance to us.  We carry formulas that have passed stringent international standards for herb safety and use locally produced formulas as much as possible.

Your formula may be in either tablet or granular form.  Herbs are taken several times a day.  Individual granule herbs from our pharmacy can be blended into a custom formula.  Scoops of granulated herbs are taken with hot water several times a day.

Chinese herbs are generally well- tolerated and have few side effects when taken properly.  Most common side effects include belly upset, nausea and stool changes.  We ask patients to let us know how their herbs are working and to contact us immediately if any concerns arise.